My First Market at the Tucson Museum of Art!

Hi friends,

Big new happening over here at the studio! I am planning to sell at my first market, the Tucson Museum of Art's Fall Artisans Market on November 19-21, 2021! It's an exciting thought, to be out in community with all my pieces and I've been super busy in the studio making some new work to have on hand. I am fortunate also that my good friend Kimberly Kalil will be joining me. She has the most wonderful cactus paintings (and may other wonderful creations!) that coordinate perfectly with my cactus mugs. If you're in the Tucson area, be sure to come and check them all out at Booth #67. We have some great gift options for you!

Click here to find more information about the TMA Fall Artisans Market

See Kimberly's amazing Instagram page here!


And what about the online shop, you may be asking? As long as Matilda the Kiln cooperates, I will be adding some items to the shop as well. I just need to make sure there's enough pieces for both sale avenues. Matilda had 3 separate incidents during October so we need to be gentle with her this month!


Look for an email coming your way soon with all the information about when the shop will be updated! Hope to see you on November 19-21,