I made another mosaic bench for Ben's Bells!


Kind Words, Kind Thoughts, Kind Hearts!

This past spring, I was given the opportunity to create another mosaic bench for the Ben's Bells Celebration of Kindness - and just like last year, it was amazing experience! And knowing that proceeds from the bench go to support such a wonderful organization that works to spreads kindness throughout our communities, makes it even more meaningful. The challenge that I gave myself this year was create a bench with a design that coordinated with the 2022 bench but was also different and unique. And because I knew I wanted this design to cohesive with my overall style, what better place to look to than an actual piece I had already created. My newest "Sunset" design became the inspiration!

Bench "Mugspiration"

I began by creating the larger cactus tiles using the same templates I used for the 2022 bench. Then created the sunset background tiles and the black tiles used at the bottom. Once they were all fired, it was time to assemble! I was fortunate to have my very creative mom visiting that week and we worked daily to make sure each piece in the sunset background was placed in the perfect position. 

Cutting out the Large Tiles     

   Gluing the Tile Down

After all the tiles were glued down, it was time to grout. To be honest, grouting is probably my least favorite part of the process. But lucky for me, my daughter loves to grout! So she came by, and we spent an afternoon grouting away!

Ready for Grout 
The Celebration of Kindness event on May 6 was such a fun night. Watching all the amazing benches go up for auction was so exciting, although it's always a little nerve wracking when my work is in the spotlight. Then the best surprise happened, our good friends had the winning bid for my bench! What a touching moment it was to know these amazing friends who support not only my work, but also the mission of Ben's Bells. I'll be sure to post pictures of the bench once she's officially installed at her new home!
Find out more about Ben's Bells and their amazing programs by going to: https://bensbells.org.
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